Man claims to have the head of a bigfoot frozen

The man who reported discovering a frozen Sasquatch foot recently claimed he also has the beast’s head alongside other body parts.

He claims his father originally killed the beast in 1953 and cut it into dozens of pieces which he now has stored in his Hope in New York’s Finger Lakes region.

The video he uploaded based on it apparently managed to garner enough attention for it to collect over 30,000 views in just 2 days.

He argues that he only recently brought it up because he needs money and wants to solicit donations from the public to preserve it in reasonably good condition.

Although Peter Caine describes himself as a comedian, entertainer and dog trainer, he has released a statement saying this is not a joke. Although he has been called a con artist several times, he is actually a jokester.

The story gets weirder though, as he now claims to have eaten Bigfoot meat in the past, which healed his crippled hip.

When asked to test the bigfoot head, he refused stating that he would not allow anyone to touch the remains as they would likely just transfer them to their own facility.

He believes that the remains of Bigfoot also indicate that he is an alien after all. What do you think?


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