Meet Otzi the Iceman – The best-preserved human body ever found is 5,300 years old

In case you’ve never heard of this story before, you’re in for a treat because this is one of the funniest and weirdest stories you’ll ever hear, and the best thing about it is the fact that it’s all real. .

It happened in 1991, on the 19th of September, when two hikers were doing what they do best, trekking through the Austro-Italian Alps.

They were just doing what they do best until they accidentally stumbled upon what seems to be one of the strangest discoveries ever made. It seemed like it was just a simple wretch at first that got caught in the ice. Its body was slightly decomposed, but they believed it to be recent anyway. They called the authorities and continued their day until experts arrived and released the shocking statement that the body was not new, in fact it was 5,300 years old!

Yes, what you’re looking at here is the oldest and best-preserved human ever discovered. But how can it look better than corpses buried over the course of a year? The secret is where it was discovered. Thanks to the icy environment coupled with the humidity that surrounded him, he looked as good as he looks. He was dubbed “Otzi the Iceman” by a local journalist and dated to 3350 to 3100 BC. He was in such good shape that he was even autopsied by specialists shortly after being taken off the ice.

Through this discovery they managed to discover that the man had died sometime in the summer or spring because of the extra pollen that was discovered inside his stomach. Thanks to charcoal found under his skin, the team was also able to discern the fact that he had over 50 tribal tattoos on his body. They also discovered that he had been killed by someone thanks to the arrow wound that was discovered in his left shoulder. Soon after this discovery was made through tragedy, as Helmut Simon, one of the two hikers who found her, soon died very close to where he discovered the body.


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