An apocalyptic apocalyptic curious recently claimed that he was contacted by a time traveler who told him about an entirely new biological species to be discovered on Earth this year.

According to the source, these “alien” creatures will cause the death of most living beings on the planet… and it seems that these monsters will emerge from the soil where they were created for many years, preparing to dominate the entire known world.

In our chaotic age, there are many false prophecies and anecdotal quotes. Among them, the most discussed must be time travelers from different times and spaces.

Now the main events of 2022 have also been announced. In addition to the millions of people who will disappear out of nowhere, a new type of terror will also arise on Earth.

Kawhi Leonard posted a short video on his @thehiddengod1 TikTok profile, where he has nearly 180k followers.

“Soon, new creatures will appear on Earth and millions of humans will disappear”
The video says that this information was “leaked” to him by a self-proclaimed time traveler (whom he personally believes), and the dire doomsday scenario in question is programmed to start this summer.

Kawhi Leonard, also known in his circle as the “Hidden God”, guarantees in his video that in a few months huge cracks will appear in the earth, from which a new lethal species of extraterrestrial origin will emerge that will begin to destroy everything. .

According to the same source (“time traveler”), this terrible prophecy will come true between July and October 2022. The video, which already has more than 10,000 likes, says:

“Beware, the document I received from the time traveler warns that we must prepare for the danger that threatens us in 2022.”

Kawhi Leonard elaborates further….

On July 14, 2022, America’s biggest earthquake will be called the “Great Divide”. This will be followed by similar incidents around the world.

Around August 9, 2022, more than 2 million people will mysteriously disappear from the Earth’s surface.

October 3, 2022 – Alien creatures will begin to openly appear across the world.

In general, this is where Kawhi’s message ends, but his fans wrote a lot of interesting comments. Some of Leonard’s followers sincerely believed this “prediction” and hoped that God would save them:

“Only God knows what will happen, please protect us,” reads one of the top-voted comments.

However, other users didn’t seem as inclined to believe Leonard’s post, saying “Someone watched Marvel’s Infinity War too many times”. What is your opinion on this?

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