‘Time Traveler’ Says He’s the Only Survivor of Earth in 2028

‘Time Traveler’ Says He’s the Only Survivor of Earth in 2028

A mysterious man named “Javier”  claims he lives in the future, more precisely in 2028 . He also says that he is the only survivor of Earth in a post-apocalyptic scenario. The alleged time traveler posts images of his lonely daily life on a social network.

deserted cities

Javier, who is Spanish, says he  has lived alone in the world of the future for over a year  and spends his days looking for human life. His TikTok account ( @unicosobreviviente ) already has 6.6 million followers. In his first post, made early last year, he wrote: “I woke up in a hospital and I don’t know what could have happened. Today is February 13, 2027 and I am alone in The city”.

On his profile, he shares videos of cities like Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Seville completely deserted. But Javier’s posts are the reason for several speculations among his followers. Many people believe that he uses some kind of  video editing technique  to create the illusion that he is alone. Other people also question how he still has access to electricity and internet connection if he is without anyone else in the world.

Javier is generally evasive in responding to those who ask for proof that he is telling the truth. In response to a follower, he said that videos of him were not edited. The Spaniard also told another that he wasn’t sure why he still had access to electricity and internet, but speculated that there was probably  “some kind of connection between the future and the present”.

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