Huge fleets of UFOs enter Earth’s atmosphere. NASA records the event live on TV by the ISS

Using the live feed from the International Space Station (ISS), NASA recorded huge formations of UFOs flying over the positive side of the Earth and penetrating the atmosphere. What’s going on over our heads? Why are these alleged alien ships getting closer and closer to our planet?

It is not the first time that NASA has stopped broadcasting live from the International Space Station. As soon as strange objects appear on the camera, they switch to the screen and the text you notice that there is a sudden loss of signal between the station and the communications network. International Space Station and proximity was still undetermined as the ISS cameras were facing space outside Earth.

Now we have them so close that they think they are under the Space Station and something is shifting and triggering alarms in space agencies all over the world. One thing is for sure: are they coming to Earth? Are aliens here to step up to the global event? The images that we can observe in the video below have provoked a heated debate about the origins of the strange lights. What is NASA hiding?
In addition to these large groups of UFOs, anomalies continue to occur and they all come from the same direction. It means that we have something big in our heads, but the impotence of not receiving news from space agencies makes us more cautious every day and then we ask…

Illustrative image on the left.

Why? We can imagine where they come from and what could be the purpose of their arrival. They may be here not just to witness humanity struggling with what is happening today, but to see if we can prevent a possible extinction event. The fact that it took place on January 22, 2020 is a clear example of how NASA is trying to hide the existence of UFOs and other unknown advanced objects in space.

Something like a large formation of luminous objects that move together with the greenish anomalies of February 1st occurred at a safe distance from the ISS and after these objects entered our planet. same live streaming app recorded a new batch of these strange anomalies. These recordings are spectacular, so we are facing some important anomalies in our neighboring space confirming that we are witnessing something different than in the past and that concerns the Extraterrestrial Visitation.

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