FBI document says Nikola Tesla was from the planet Venus

The text suggests that the genius was of Venusian origin and had contacts with “men from space”.
Some even claim his invention was 300 to 1,000 years ahead of its time. In fact, he foresaw most of the technologies we enjoy today, such as the Internet and smartphones. He also developed many other things that never worked on paper or in experiments, such as global wireless power and the mysterious death ray of death. All of this has led some to believe that Nikola Tesla was so unique that he couldn’t have come from this planet. Such was the case with a woman named Margaret Storm, a mysterious and esoteric person whose fascination with the inventor led her to write a book about him entitled The Return of the Pigeon, the book mixing facts about the inventor with wild speculations, including that Tesla came from Venus.

Incredibly, some of them are cited at the beginning of a declassified 60+ page FBI document that focuses on how the federal government handled Tesla’s death to seize his belongings and prevent them from falling into the hands of agents of enemy nations. . There, among several informants or interviewees who knew or studied the Serbo-Croatian inventor, Storm appeared, and a column called the Interplanetary Sessions Newsletter appeared.

“The aliens visited Tesla engineers several times and told us that Tesla was a Venusian, brought to the planet as a baby in 1856 and left what is now the remote mountain region with Mr. and Mrs. Tesla. Yugoslav province”. says the document.

Most of the data in Storm’s book is said to be “based on records received via a radio device for interplanetary communication invented by Tesla in 1938.”

Tesla and the aliens

The manifesto sounds crazy… and it is! Well, despite the recent discovery of the possibility of organic life in the atmosphere of Venus, we know that there can be no life, much less civilization, on the infernal surface of this neighboring planet, at least in our reality or dimension, I would guess. .

It should be noted, however, that in 1900, Tesla himself recorded hearing what he believed to be an alien civilization while conducting experiments at his experimental station in Colorado Springs.

Of course, and in addition to the above, it is still impressive that the FBI has accommodated the “Tesla-Venus connection” in an official document, as if it were in the movie Men in Black where several celebrities are recognized as if they were from another planet.

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