Chinese authorities have actually revealed the Moon’s biggest secret! – Are there really alien structures on the Moon?

The colonization of space is already a reality, and China has already started to bluff. The People’s Republic of China has exhibited a sophisticated space colonization strategy that will begin in 2017 and end in 2022 with the arrival of the first man on Mars.

With the Chang’e 4 (later Chang’e 5) space mission, China wants to investigate the lunar topography in the dark region of the moon and develop a permanent site that serves as a station or intermediary for a future red trip. planet.

The main objective of Chang’e 4 is to investigate the surface of the Moon so that a base can be built there. The next mission wants to bring as much information back to Earth as possible.

No one else has been able to achieve it, not even NASA. China did it. Specifically, to show the other inhabitants of the planet what the dark side of the Moon looks like. Also, the pictures are horrible.

For starters, we all think the Moon’s surface is white, as that’s how it appears in all public NASA images and photographs.

However, we can observe that the surface of the Moon is not so different from that of our planet. We can see that the sand is not white or gray, but brown and yellowish. What would make NASA alter these photos? Was there something you were trying to hide?

Check out the images below to see if we can find the solutions to these questions. As we can see, there are other unpleasant features of the country that we can also love. If we examine the images closely, we can see a strange anomaly in the distance.

We can observe that she has some peculiar traits. These structures are well defined and do not look organic at all.

Since nature, as we all know, lacks definite angles and structures and is chaotic, the only plausible explanation for such structures is that they were built by NASA or are products of an alien civilization. What’s stopping you?

Perhaps this explains why the images of the Moon they show have been altered. As far as we can determine, the style of the structures is much more similar to man-made structures, making this the most plausible scenario.

Space hunter Streetcap1 photographed the interesting structures, which we can see in more detail on his YouTube channel.

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