Former US Army officer assured that “the Grays are bio-machines”

Since the Roswell incident, revelations about extraterrestrial life have come to light. It’s exactly about this incident that a former US Army officer made some startling statements: Grays are bio-machines designed for space travel.

Former US Army Officer Claimed The Grays Are Bio-Machines

Former United States Army officer  Philip J. Corso  , along with writer  William J. Birnes  , collaborated in 1997 to publish a controversial book. In it, many secrets about the  1947 Roswell incident are revealed.

The Truth Behind Roswell Told by a Former Army Officer

“The Day After Roswell” is the title of the book that reveals how Corso was in charge of the department assigned to study the UFO that crashed in  Roswell  .

Thanks to this unidentified flying object, many of  the technological advances and discoveries  that came later were made possible.

These include Kevlar, night vision devices, fiber optics, transistors and the integrated circuit chip.

Corso was aware of this, as his job was to transfer  alien technology  to American companies.

There are so many startling revelations about aliens in the text that even some theorists believe it is  “very far-fetched”  . Coincidentally, Corso  mysteriously died of  an unexpected heart attack months after the book’s release.

Theorists believe he was  permanently silenced  by higher authorities because he revealed too much secret information.

The former US Army officer had no history of mental illness or self-destructive tendencies. On the contrary, he was a brave soldier, moreover, he served as an officer of the National Security Council during the Eisenhower administration.

Corso had expressed his opinion on how the government  deliberately covered up  UFOs and aliens. This is to benefit from its  advanced technology  .


Former US Army Officer Claimed The Grays Are Bio-Machines

However, perhaps most surprising in the book are the descriptions of the  bodies found  during the accident.

According to the former army officer, the  gray aliens  , also known as  Zeta Reticulans  , are not organic organisms. In fact, they are  biomachines  specially designed to travel to other worlds.

For this reason, he believed that the encounter was not with  real aliens  , and that all witnesses and abductees, in reality, only saw biomachines. That’s why  their big heads and black, glassy eyes.

In an attempt to prove his claim, Corso described one of the autopsies he witnessed. He explained that  they had no digestive system  and that their bodies were  connected to the spacecraft  , and that they were controlled from there.

Furthermore, they were similar to  humanoid robots  specially designed to withstand excessively long travels in space-time.

Is it possible that the gray aliens are not real living beings? Everything to do with this former US Army officer is suspect; from his statements until his death. For this reason, many researchers and theorists do not doubt its veracity.

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