A “little blue man” appears after lightning (Video)

There are many strange accounts to be found by researching accounts of encounters with mysterious beings. Among them is the account of what can only be described as a “little blue man”, crawling out of a truly strange parallel world.

One of the strangest stories is that of a kind of “little blue man” that comes to us from Bedfordshire, England, and was published on March 3, ’67 in the “Dunstable Gazette”. According to this article, on January 28, 1967, a group of six young people were playing in the common field on their way to school.

The day was overcast and rainy, however, the boys hit a bang when out of nowhere lightning struck close to them… and if it had anything to do with what happened next, it’s still unclear, but they would have a good date. surreal with something beyond human comprehension..

Shortly after the lightning, one of the witnesses, Alex Butler, 10, looked up and saw standing about 20 meters in front of some bushes a little blue man about three feet tall, with a blue beard and wearing a strange . suit, a high-brimmed bowler hat, and a black belt with a black box on the front.

Furthermore, the little man was also described as being bathed in a faint glow that seemed to emanate from him. Alex called his friends and they rushed to see the strange entity for themselves.

Then everyone ran towards this little stranger, perhaps to scare him away or perhaps to try to catch him, whereupon the little man disappeared before their eyes in “a cloud of smoke”.

When the group of children arrived at the spot where the man had been a moment before, they found no sign of him, so they decided to look for him. They soon found the little blue man, again standing about 20 meters away, and once again disappearing into thin air as they approached.

He did this more often, always appearing about 20 meters away. However, they continued to hope to find this enigmatic little man again, and they did, opting to spy on him from behind some bushes.

But this time things would get a little weirder, and the original What Happened Next article describes it like this:

Peering through the small bushes, they noticed “voices” describing a continuous, incomprehensible babbling, coming from a point in the bushes closest to them.

A sense that the little being had associates who communicated with him and to which he responded, though they could detect no movement on his part.

This induces a sense of caution that prevents them from running towards you. Instead, the boys continued to circle until they could look down, seeing him for the fourth and final time still standing as usual in the same spot.

The students went on to tell the teacher, Ms. Newcomb, about her strange experience, and although she didn’t believe a word of it, she had them separately write their own versions of what had happened.

These accounts were later collected and pasted into a book called “The Little Blue Man On Studham Common”. from RHB Winder, who met with some of the witnesses, who showed him where the encounter had taken place and delved into the story with some intriguing details. He would later write:

The blue color turned out to be a faint blue-gray glow that obscured the outline and details. However, they could make out a line that was a fringe of hair or the bottom edge of the hat.

Two beady eyes, a small triangle apparently in place of a nose, and a one-piece outfit that extends to a wide black belt with a black box on the front about six inches square.

The arms looked short and were kept straight close to the sides at all times. The legs and feet were indistinct.

The “beard” is interesting: it apparently extended from the vicinity of the mouth to parting and down to both sides of the chest. Although he agrees it could have been a breathing apparatus.

The kids couldn’t see clearly enough to be sure and that thought didn’t occur to them.

The disappearances caused me some difficulty at first, but became more understandable after the “smoke” explanation was apparently a swirling cloud of blue-yellow mist shooting towards the pursuers, possibly from the box on his belt.

They agreed that it could have gotten into the bushes before this camouflage wore off, though it quickly dissipated. They heard no sound other than voices and saw no movement.

They also didn’t smell any odors or see anything strange nearby, neither on the ground nor in the air.

A very interesting detail about the case is the mention of lightning. Although there is no concrete connection between the lightning and the report given by the boys, this gives rise to speculation.

In recent years, the idea has emerged that lightning could sometimes herald a kind of gap between dimensions, allowing us to look through another reality, or for beings from that parallel world to enter ours.

Was the Little Blue Man an inhabitant of another universe lying against ours, some kind of interdimensional traveler? Did he go through that rip in the veil between dimensions, intentionally or by accident?

Or was the lightning perhaps an effect of some sort of ionization caused by a powerful device, perhaps from the box the man was wearing on his belt or even a UFO?

Is this all just rumors and tales, or is there something more to it? If so, what would these beings be? Whether ghosts, aliens, interdimensional travelers or just tales, the little blue men’s cases remain intriguing.

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