4 Evidence That Earth Could Be A Prison Made By Aliens. Are Humans Just Experiments?

Humans have always been considered the most evolved creatures on Earth, but it is intriguing that we are still unable to adapt to Earth’s environment. This is reflected not only in humans’ extreme sensitivity to bright light, but also in Earth’s strange gravitational environment. Even by taking a simple elevator, the human body will be seriously disturbed. Most people will feel unnaturally afraid of heights after getting up to a certain height off the floor, even dizziness and coma, and more.

The earth is a huge prison, and the creatures in the prison are human beings.

H̳u̳m̳a̳n̳s̳ are the most intelligent species on the planet, but we show a surprising unadaptability: we are prone to disease in our terrestrial environment. The skin will burn if exposed to the sun. H̳u̳m̳a̳n̳s̳ does not like natural foods and has high rates of chronic diseases.

How did humans arise: indigenous or a̳l̳i̳e̳n̳? This is a question that has been debated for a long time in the scientific community. Now, a US ecologist has come up with a surprising theory: Earth was not our home planet, but it may have been used by people as a prison there tens of thousands of years ago. They banished humans born with violent tendencies to Earth.

Scientists studying the science of cosmic gravity have discovered a surprising fact: any spacecraft that tries to leave Earth’s orbit is trapped by a powerful force of energy, and there is an invisible gravitational circle around the Earth!

There must be many people who do not feel they belong to the land. I think it at least suggests that humans existed on other planets and were brought to Earth by highly evolved creatures. Maybe Earth is some kind of prison planet. Perhaps in the view of highly evolved creatures, humans are not fully evolved and must remain on Earth until we are.

Many people might think these things are alarmist, so let’s take a serious look at the real truth of the universe. You will know that all this is not a coincidence, but someone is doing this on purpose! Here are four pieces of evidence that Earth may just be a prison for a̳l̳i̳e̳n̳s:

1. The problem of human adaptation on Earth:

If humans are fully evolved on Earth, then why are humans extremely sensitive to bright light; exposure to the sun will burn the skin; not adapted to gravity; and fear of heights?

2. The problem of the Earth’s gravitational circle.

Scientists studying the gravity of the universe have discovered a surprising fact: any space vehicle will be trapped by strong energy when trying to leave Earth’s orbit, and there is an invisible gravitational circle around the Earth!

3. The edge of the solar system

At a distance of 3 billion to 10 billion kilometers from Earth, any matter can suddenly enter an uncertain orbit and suddenly slow down. When it reaches 20 billion kilometers, all matter will suddenly start to slow down until it is destroyed.

In other words, there is a lot of knowledge in the 3 billion to 10 billion kilometers of the solar system. When it reaches 12 billion to 25 billion kilometers, the solar wind will also be blocked here and become an eggshell. The thickness of a shell is seven billion kilometers, like a super large telescope lens, only inside the lens can you see the scenery outside the solar system.

So the telescope on Earth can see the Milky Way and stars at night, but after the spacecraft has traveled 12 billion kilometers, it is dark outside the solar system. In addition to the darkness outside, the sun cannot be seen from the inside, because sunlight cannot be transmitted for 12 billion kilometers. So the solar system has a shield, and maybe life out there is watching us all the time.

4. The moon problem

Empirical scientists from the former Soviet Union accidentally let slip at a meeting that the moon was made by the A̳n̳c̳i̳e̳n̳t̳s. Soon, it was completely silenced, and the truth is: the solar system is a prison, and we become criminals. From this, it is speculated that the moon is likely to be an aircraft made by other intelligent creatures to monitor the earth and humans.


Of course, these are just speculations by some scientists. How this is all happening will depend on future technology development to prove it. I don’t know if we will see the unfolding of these mysteries in our lives!

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