Mysterious Creatures Captured by Security Camera – “Goblin – Trolls or Goblins?”

What strange creatures did the security camera in Dallas, Texas capture? Someone thinks they are big birds, someone is sure they are mythical monsters.

This video was recently posted on the net and according to its author he could not understand what exactly the CCTV camera filmed.

The video was filmed in Dallas, Texas with a security camera installed near the road.

In the video we see two mysterious black creatures that move on two legs (paws) next to a stopped car. There is an assumption. that these are the so-called duende – trolls or goblins in Latin American folklore.

A more logical version implies that these are large birds like owls. However, it is very difficult to say what two owls (which are solitary birds) needed to do next to the car on the asphalt at the same time.

“Birds don’t walk like that,” wrote one commentator.

Furthermore, some commentators believe that if some of the creatures’ movements are indeed bird-like then the movements of others when they approach quickly look very strange.

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