They claim to have photographed an alien in Montana, USA (Video)

Witness claims to have photographed a “naked alien” in Redgate, Montana, USA, an area of ​​high paranormal and UFO activity.

The disturbing image (above) shows what appears to be a gray humanoid walking through a field in rural Redgate, Montana.

Donald Bromley, who took the photo, said he initially thought the creature was a person, but the more he looked at the image, the more convinced he became that it had extraterrestrial origins.

As reported by British newspaper  The Sun  , Bromley said he installed the camera in a rural area called Redgate, which is in the town of Deer Lodge, considered a “hot spot” for UFO sightings and supernatural experiences.

“The more I look at it, the more I know it’s weird, it was out of place and it all suits an alien,” Bromley told local television station KXLF-TV.

“The head is very big, you can say that it has no clothes, it is a kind of transparent being. The place is very rich in the paranormal field, with UFOs, lights in the sky and more inexplicable things.”

Bromley also explained that the inhabitants of Redgate have seen really strange objects appear and move across the sky.

Other supposed mysteries in the area include vehicles hitting local roads for no apparent reason and apparitions of supernatural figures.

Patrick Cutler, who lives near the “naked alien” sighting, is producing a documentary about the area’s unexplained incidents.

The researcher said the Bromley image is just one in a series of mysterious events that the town’s residents have witnessed. “There’s a lot more to the story than people realize,” Cutler told The Sun.

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