Do you have ALIEN BLOOD? The RH NEGATIVE BLOOD Theory, see if you have it

Recently this theory has gained a lot of controversy and it is not for less, among the theories that can attract more attention, there is a very particular one and that is that it states that people who have  RH negative  blood type   or belong to a lineage. of extraterrestrial origin.

The negative RH factor

Of all the primate species recognized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, none of them has the negative RH factor, as also stated by Robert Sepehr, who has dedicated himself a lot to the study of these cases in depth and why they exist. Humans are the only ones who have this blood type.

The first tests of the RH blood factor were taken from rhesus-type monkeys (hence the name of the factor) and based on Sephr’s research, although humans evolved rapidly and radically, it could somehow match the blood type of a human. of their most distant ancestors. Which is not the case, as the two are not compatible.

Are people who carry the RH Negative blood type descended from Aliens?

Theorists of this incredible theory argue that while it is highly unlikely it has several people digging deep, it is the fact that some people could be descended from divine beings who are actually aliens, but back then people only compared them to gods.

People who carry the RH Negative blood type have a lineage very close to the mythological species of the Nephilim.

People who carry the RH Negative blood type are believed to have a very close lineage to the mythological species of Nephilim  . An ancient race of giants that, according to legend, lived with humans thousands of years ago.

Where does the negative RH factor come from?

Until now, the true origin of this blood factor is unknown, although it has often been tried to explain with many experts, there is no indication why the RH factor encompasses so much mystery, being one of the causes of the so-called RH incompatibility.

These facts leave more questions than answers, cultivate and generate the growth of theories of all kinds related to this mystery,  which makes it more believable that human beings are probably from some very distant lineage of an extraterrestrial race or beings. divine. Tell us in the comments what you think about it. 

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