An Argentine policeman captured an alien on camera and made it public

If you’ve read the title of this story, you’re probably curious as to why, if someone as strong as the police see such an amazing being, they just snap a picture.

To be blunt, we have no idea how to respond to this challenge. We would, however, make every effort to provide as much information as possible.

A rare sighting happened in a park in Argentina on September 13. The image of a strange entity that appears to be an insect, posted by a police officer, has sparked intense debate in the ufo/alien community.

A group of teenagers were camping in Miter Park when the incident happened. They punished a “guy” for acting strangely in a room full of empty containers.

When officers arrived, they scanned the area and found the subject, which they photographed. The subject jumped into the water as they tried to photograph it and was never seen again.

Looking at the photo gallery, they discovered that the particular creature was not human. On Facebook, the post was shared.


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