Pre-Columbian America offered the world many mysteries hidden in impenetrable forests. Researchers are literally piecing together a puzzle from the ancient artifacts of America’s indigenous peoples.

Another secret has been presented to scientists by the world-famous Olmec stone carvings discovered in the forests of Guatemala.

The study of American physicists led to an amazing result. It turned out that Olmec statues, over 3000 years old, have a very high magnetic field .

Furthermore, 6 of the 11 sculptures studied have literally disappeared from scale. Scientists have concluded that the old masters used stones that had been struck by lightning. However, it is strange that over such a long period the radiation has not decreased.

But the oddities don’t stop there. The highest level of magnetism in the statues was in the right cheek and navel area. This corresponds to the knowledge of occult human anatomy.

It is believed that it is in these places that a person has powerful energy centers. Of course, the Olmecs did not use these stones by chance. 3000 years ago they knew about magnetism and the structure of human energy fields.

After examining the mysterious figures, physicists decided to study a few more artifacts from the Olmec culture.

Thus, a 3240-year-old glass, bowl and knife were studied. The bowl and the knife had a slightly disturbed magnetic field, while the glass had no magnetic field outside. On the other hand, inside, at the very bottom, it went wrong.

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This discovery puzzled scientists, because according to all the laws of physics, this is impossible.

It turns out that the Olmecs not only possessed sacred knowledge in the field of subtle matter, but also knew how to literally saturate individual sections of their products with a magnetic field.

And if for the statues, this can be explained by the lightning which strikes the paving stones before they are treated, the experience with a glass still remains unanswered.

The technology to “inflate” objects so selectively by a magnetic field is unknown today.

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