Time traveller: “In 3 days Earth will be invaded by aliens”

TikTok user Eno Alaric, a self-described ‘radianttimetraveler’ who claims to have traveled through time, released the disturbing message that “the world will end soon” and that only a few people will survive the tragedy.

The reason will be the arrival on Earth of an extraterrestrial species that the visionary identifies as ‘the Champion’.

“A very hostile alien species is coming to retake Earth, we are not going to win. Another alien species, whose world was destroyed by hostiles, will save some of us,” she detailed.

Eno Alaric warns his 129,000 followers that the tragedy will be in the middle of this year, but on March 23, 2023, “about 8,000 people will be taken to another habitable planet”.

In the video, he wrote: “ATTENTION! I am a time traveler from 2671, 8000 people will be chosen to be the saviors of mankind.”

2023, the year of catastrophes

In another video, the alleged time traveler warns that 2023 will be remembered as the worst year in history in terms of natural disasters.

According to his story, on April 20 a huge tornado will destroy the American city of Tulsa, on May 15 a “megatsunami” will have devastating effects in California, on June 12 a magnitude 9.5 earthquake will cause a crack in the Earth and the reappearance of species considered extinct.

On September 4th, a hurricane will hit the East Coast of the United States, and on December 19th, a deadly hailstorm will hit, electrocuting anything it touches.

Of course, some of the dates in his other predictions have already come to pass, and it doesn’t look like the events he spoke of came true.

For example, he said that on December 8th a meteorite would hit the Earth, that on February 6th a wormhole would be discovered to travel to other galaxies or that on March 1st the first babies between a human and a chimpanzee would be born. .

The ‘boom’ of time travel on TikTok has more and more profiles and, of course, has generated a legion of followers among fans and viewers fascinated by the limitless imagination.


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