Massive Unidentified Flying Object Landed in Saudi Arabia

Recently, an incredibly curious video went viral around the world, minutes after it was posted on YouTube.

This video gave rise to a flood of opinions in the field of ufology. It’s a mysterious recording of a suspicious UFO that allegedly landed in Saudi Arabia. The video is of pretty decent quality and isn’t heavily distorted or moving.

In the film, you can clearly see how an invisible flying object lands in the desert. Shortly after arrival, something like a ramp opens up from the UFO, and you can see several silhouettes of unidentified entities descending from the UFO. Soon the monsters can easily crawl into the UFO and fly at a pace impossible for current technologies in our world.

Bizarre is the fact that only one of these creatures is left on Earth. At the end of the film, you will see how this alien continues to investigate the surroundings. We really don’t know if this video is true or just a joke, but one thing is for sure: this video needs our attention and further study.


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