A Race of Giant Beings Called “The Giants of the Eyes of the Moon” once ruled America

Legend has it that the Giants met the Cherokees when they arrived in Ohio. These giants were nicknamed The Moon-Eyed Men by the Cherokees as they could only see at night. Legends claim that the bones of white giants were found in Choctaw territory and Chickasaw territory. Legend has it that the Choctaw fought alongside a race of giants in the lands of Tennessee.

These stories were considered legends and myths for many years. The truth is that many of the claims previously thought to be incorrect have been confirmed by subsequent research.

According to a story told by the Comanches in 1857, a race composed of white giants inhabited large areas of America long ago. Their buildings were incredible and complex, and far more advanced than any other tribe at the time. They built incredible cities and fortifications to ruin the land of the Indians.

Take a look at this video and let us know how you feel. Is it true that giants once lived on Earth?


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