Strange skeletons discovered in the basement of an old London house

Skeletal winged bodies of fairies, werewolves and aliens have reportedly been found in the basement of an old London house.

The gruesome collection features what appears to be an assortment of mythical beasts, in boxes and vials in gruesome poses.

Fairies seen with their rotting flesh and their wings nailed to display panels are joined by sinister-looking contorted alien bodies and furry humanoid remains.

The hoard also featured sketches of Jack the Ripper victims Catherine Eddowes and Elizabeth Stride, along with alleged human hearts and other organs preserved in jars.

Bodies of strange creatures were supposedly found in a basement.

Artist Alex CF, Curator of the Horrible Collection

The gruesome exhibits were said to be the collection of Thomas Theodore Merrylin, described as “a wealthy 19th century aristocrat and biologist”.

A blog post about the supposed discoveries stated: “In 1960 in London, at the time of site clearing for the construction of a new residential district, the old derelict mansion belonging to Thomas Theodore Merrylin was demolished.

“In the basement of the house, the builders discovered thousands of small, hermetically sealed wooden boxes.

“Imagine their surprise when they began to find inside the bodies of strange mythical creatures, who seemed to have lived only in fairy tales.”

The items would have belonged to a wealthy collector in the 19th century.

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Alex CF claims to be the curator of the collection, which can be viewed online.

But the story is actually a well-crafted narrative pieced together by the artist.

Skeptics have claimed the alleged bodies are part of a clever art project.

Commenting on the plays, an online commentator named James Campbell wrote: “This guy has hacked into the props department of Hammer movies, I mean folks.

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