They photograph a strange rectangular cloud over Michigan, USA

The photograph was posted a few days ago on a subreddit dedicated to reporting highly rare events. According to the author’s testimonies, he was taken by his son in the passenger seat while driving his truck.

It shows a secondary school in Escanaba (which the person who took the photo attends) under a cloudy sky where a particular silhouette stands out, that of a rectangle.

Among the hundreds of comments to the publication, several explanations are at risk, from a portal to another world or a flaw in the Matrix, to an alien ship camouflaged in a cloud.

After all, you may recall that the Lake Michigan area witnessed one of the most massive UFO sightings in history.

Others remembered a scene from the movie NOPE, where something “monstrous” was hiding in the clouds. Finally, there was no shortage of those who said that it could be a montage, although the latter has been categorically denied by whoever made the publication.

“I’m a machinist and I don’t understand anything about Photoshop, and if I did I wouldn’t waste my time with a cloud”, replied the user to the accusation.

mundane explanations

Clouds can take on a variety of surprising shapes, depending on the topography and climate and weather conditions.

Those with a rectangular or square shape exist and have been photographed on many occasions.

They are formed by thermal inversion when winds pick up moisture from the air just above the surface of the sea (in this case, Great Lake Michigan) and rise.

As there is not so much humidity on the shore, the clouds will delineate its line. They can also be produced artificially when an aircraft wake passes through a moisture-rich area in a stable atmosphere.

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