Eventually, some conspiracy theories arise, such as the flat earth, which has gained a legion of followers. But now, a group of ‘conspirators’ claim that cats are beings sent by aliens to study humans.
We humans love a conspiracy theory, a poll revealed that over 70% of Americans believe at least one of these conspiracy stories. These theories range from vaccines causing autism to Nazis hiding in Antarctica. There are also those who believe that the Reptilians control world governments. Well, if we’re all going to talk, we’d be here for a long time.

Are cats spies?

People who believe this cite a few things, which they believe make sense, to prove this theory. Unfortunately, as much as it is funny news, it also serves as a warning, as any invention by anyone can become accessible to people who lack the critical sense to really seek the truth.

The reasons for this theory:

Here are the bizarre reasons to believe that our kittens are beings from other planets:
Cats in Civilization: “There is no record of how these cats came to Earth.”
In fact, there are records of cats dating back 9,500 years. Mythology: “There are several examples where cats were considered members of the court and even beings related to the gods.”

The reason they are so sacred in mythology is simple: they ended a plague of rats that destroyed the Egyptians’ crops, in addition to spreading disease.
Obviously this is just a hoax, cats are earthly beings and are not sent to watch us. This story can serve someone, clueless, hurt or even kill our beloved pets.

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