Ancient Caves in China: Remains of an “Alien Laboratory”?

Some mysterious caves discovered in China have raised a lot of controversy among archaeologists and researchers as it could be an ancient extraterrestrial laboratory.

Mysterious Chinese caves with strange tubes.

Every year, mysterious discoveries that contradict the    traditional line    of archeology appear by the dozens. However, the discovery of these ancient Chinese caves enters much more surprising territory.

The discovery of these    enigmatic caves    provoked all sorts of reactions in the scientific community.

Mysterious Caves in China

A group of Chinese researchers explored the border with    Tibet    10 years ago. This area is considered one of the    most difficult    to explore. However, it is believed to contain many archaeological secrets.

During their journey, they encountered a strange entrance that led to a series of    unknown caves.

Explorers found several   interconnecting underground tunnels  that appeared to be hundreds of meters long. However, what most drew attention were the    physical characteristics    of the structure, which showed signs of having been artificially built.

The more they concentrated on analyzing every detail of the caves, the Chinese researchers confirmed that the    cuts in the rocks    had been made with extreme precision. This just demonstrated the presence of    technological tools    .

Furthermore, the way the tunnels and their entrances were erected was unnatural.

Exploration led them to a  sanctuary of sorts   , where most of the tunnels ended. This was on top of the main mountain.

Once inside the sanctuary, they noticed the existence of    two more caves    that had collapsed. These gave another access to the mountain.

The caves have been dated back to 150,000 years ago. It was in this chamber that they noticed the existence of    tubes    that ran through the sanctuary. Once they started digging, they realized they were running through    tunnels and other caves    .

Alien technology?

The tubes were made of metal and were spread across different areas of the caves.

Researchers hypothesize that they were used to transport  fresh or salt water    from nearby bodies of water.

The tubes were of different types in diameter, which meant they were used specifically for one type of water. Some of them were only 2 centimeters in diameter, while others were thick enough to    fit a child   .

Scientists in Beijing evaluated samples taken from the cave and,    through light dating    , determined that these tubes are at least    150,000 years old.

This number surprised archaeologists, as there are records that humanity has been on Earth for    200,000 years    .

This means that, while humans were just starting to work with stone and taking their first steps with metal, another,    much more developed civilization was able to create  advanced technology    like that network of tubes.

This discovery has generated a lot of controversy among different branches of archeology, researchers, however, theorists are convinced that they are evidence of ancient astronauts.

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