Giant humanoid discovered in Antarctica near cave entrance

Scott C. Waring recently made a major discovery when looking at the application commonly used by ufologists and virtual archaeologists known as Google Earth. This new discovery comes to us from the desolate plains of Antarctica, as this is where he made two discoveries in total.

The first is this massive alien believed to be at least 20 meters tall, while the second is this huge cave entrance that suggests the 20 meter tall giant could have lived here since ancient times.

This is a huge 22 meter hole entrance which he found to be more accurate as he believes it to be strange and artificial in nature thanks to the slopes in Antarctica in the first place which could not have been caused by nature alone.

He talked about it on his ET Database blog, where he also discussed the fact that its size could actually relate it to the many giant remains that experts have already found in Russia, for example.

In case you didn’t already know, giant 4-5 meter tall aliens were also discovered here, of all places in recent years, which science still can’t explain to this day.

Although NASA has tried to call this just another case of Pareidolia, Scott believes this cannot be due to the man-made appearance of the entire structure.

While this happens a lot on Earth, as we often see faces in clouds for example, if we look closely, that couldn’t be the case here, as thousands of people saw the same artificial alien cave entrance at the same time, without as much as a single discrepancy.

We also tend to overlook most of the issues in question, and more often than not, we choose to ignore all issues until we find them right away. This is how we deal with the pandemic and how we deal with alien sightings in the first place.

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