Este homem passou 8 dias com “ALIENS” em outro planeta chamado ACART

Artur Berlet, a tractor driver for the Municipality of Sarandi, in Rio Grande do Sul, claims to have spent eight days on another planet. In May 1958, as he was returning home, he saw a strange light in the bushes on Rua Dr. Dionisio Peretti.

Artur Berlet
As he approached that mysterious light, he saw an enormous 30-meter machine hovering over the bushes. Initially he wanted to run away, but after a while he began to make out some silhouettes. However, he was hit by one of them and lost consciousness.


They told him that their big problem was the overpopulation of the planet. They are governed by a government and a prime minister with full powers. Thanks to technological advances, they can live for hundreds of years and do not suffer from disease.
What do you think of this story? Do you believe it to be true?

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