Strange humanoid face carved from stone found at 4,200-year-old ancient site in Israel

This strange piece of megalithic rock and art was recently discovered next to the Golan and Galilee area where the famous 4,200-year-old dolmens were discovered.

According to Gonen Sharon, the study’s lead author, this is especially strange as we know absolutely nothing about these dolmens. We know that this is the oldest example of zoomorphic rock art in the area, but we don’t know who could have authored it.

That’s right, this is by far the strangest part of this discovery, as Sharon claims this new discovery changes everything. Since it was placed in the center of a circle of smaller rocks from the Quiryat Shemona dolmen field, this obviously means that it was of significant importance, to say the least to the natives who carved it in the first place.

The precision required for all other sculptures means that everything drawn here must be drawn like this, so its resemblance to a human face may not be coincidental after all.

Many believe this depicts an ancient human who led them most likely in ancient times, but there are some who also believe this to be a depiction of a primitive humanoid alien who showed himself to them and they decided to commemorate him by creating this sculpture.


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