FBI and Wikileaks release secret documents that prove the existence of extraterrestrial beings and beings from other dimensions

FBI admits: We are visited by “beings from other dimensions”

What seems surprising to some is that the FBI has shown an unusual interest in publicizing the UFO phenomenon recently. Some researchers claim that many science fiction movies are actually based on true events, or rather the so-called “leaks” given by the government are deliberately raising awareness among the population…

In 2011, after some documents were “declassified,” a report written by an FBI Special Agent in 1947 hit the public. The FBI special agent, a lieutenant colonel whose identity has been kept anonymous for the sake of “national security” has gathered a wealth of data about the UFO phenomenon after interviewing and studying the phenomena for years.

According to “declassified” reports and documents, we are visited by various extraterrestrial species, some of them are not just from other planets, but from other dimensions. Some of these beings come from an ethereal plane that co-exists with our physical universe. Some of these “entities” could “materialize” on our planet and appear as giant translucent figures.

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