Extraterrestrial life is afraid of Earthlings, says a leading biologist

The famous Fermi Paradox has always kept people wondering about the billions of stars with trillions of planets and what might be hiding under the veils of their galaxies. The second part of the paradox is surprising and has been regularly debated in UFO circles, but a new point of contention has arisen in people’s minds. But is extraterrestrial life afraid of humanity?

A few months ago, Nick Pope, Britain’s first and foremost expert on UFOs and ETs, proposed the idea that extraterrestrials might be afraid to visit Earth. He says that since a certain world leader has recently exhibited destructive behavior, the ETs may also have feared for their safety.

Since then, a well-known biopsychologist has written an article and given his opinion on the subject. The paper discussed what ETs were and what they were afraid of.

Dr. Gordon Gallup, an American psychologist at the University of Albany, is best known for studying animal behavior and developing the mirror self-recognition test to measure an animal’s self-awareness. So what does he know about extraterrestrials? In his paper he explained the following.

He postulates two principles that we must outline when evaluating intelligent life anywhere in the cosmos. First, the idea that intelligence involves looking at why you exist. Second, the creature must have sufficient self-awareness and the ability to make inferences about what others know, want, and plan to do.

As Earthlings, we often tend to forget that not all species are created equal. In fact, there are many who have a way of thinking and acting very different from the human being.

Extraterrestrial life, despite having a very different mindset from ours, would fear coming into contact with Earthlings. Humans have been causing harm in the form of pollution and overhunting since long before the rise of human civilization. These factors could spell doom for any extraterrestrial life that comes into contact with us.

A leading biologist has warned that extraterrestrial life might be afraid of humans and if they find us, we could be in trouble. Professor Chris Impey said that alien species could get so terrified that they hated humans and started to destroy the human race for fear of being wiped out. The professor exposed his fears in an article for Astronomy Magazine.

He wrote: “There have been many suggestions that we might find other inhabited worlds, intelligent life or even civilizations outside our own in the future, but what if those who are supposed to find us are not friendly? What if they have weapons more powerful than anything we can imagine, or if they are so scared that they would attack us because of the fear we represent?” According to Professor Impey, our planet may be “full of life but devoid of intelligent life”. survived despite many potential disasters. Professor Chris Impey said: “This is the most dangerous point in human history.”

Professor Stephen Hawking has also warned that humanity is a threat to the existence of other life in our solar system.

He said: “If aliens visit us, the outcome would be far more dangerous than you can imagine.”

According to Gallup, given that ETs are supposed to be intelligent, understanding that humans would hurt and kill each other is reason enough not to visit Earth. And any long-term observation of the planet would reveal that this is a regular part of our history. In addition to wars and murder, the death toll of mankind increases through pollution, habitat destruction, and various other means. Gallup mentioned the destruction of the highly advanced Aztec and Inca civilizations and the enslavement and genocide of their native people as a recent example of what he meant. He asked what would happen if ETs looked at our historical records and what they would think of Earth and its inhabitants based on that.

Dr. Gallup concludes that there may be intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, but it may choose not to reveal itself yet. At least, not while humans are dangerous and pose a very big threat to everyone.

Are we so self-destructive that we even pose a threat to extraterrestrials who are far more advanced than we are? Or do these ETs think we’re just not ready to know that others are out there? For now, we must weather our storms as we prepare for the storm that awaits us behind the vast universe.

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