New Zealand man Alec Newald was taken to advanced civilization by aliens for 10 days

In 2017, New Zealand resident Alec Newald made a sensational statement on the American UFO and paranormal radio show “As You Wish Talk Radio” that 30 years ago he had become a prisoner of aliens for ten days.

In the early morning of February 1989, Alec got into his car in his hometown of Rotorua and drove to the city of Auckland. Travel time on the mountain road usually took about three hours. When Newald arrived at his destination, he was surprised to learn that he was away for 10 days!

Drawings by Alec Newwald

The man didn’t remember where he had been all this time. He was tormented by severe headaches, fatigue, clouding of consciousness. When worried relatives asked where he had been, he couldn’t answer clearly. A few days later, Alec unexpectedly announced that he was in a secret base of aliens who told him about their super-developed civilization.

He said it happened on a steep mountain turn. “I was driving the car and it felt like a ton of bricks had fallen on me, like someone had poured cement on me. I felt like I was pushed into the seat of that car.

I was paralyzed, I couldn’t turn the wheel, step on the brakes or do anything.”

Then he said that he suddenly found himself in an incomprehensible space filled with bright light. He thought he had died and his spirit travels through the afterlife.

An unusual creature appeared in front of Alec, which he took for a ghost. At the same moment, the man realized that he could control his thoughts, turning around the body. Soon, three more joined the first entity. They were all very thin, of medium height, with large heads and extraordinarily narrow eyes, shorter and wider compared to people’s faces. They didn’t speak, but Alec felt their presence in his mind immediately.

The humanoids led the New Zealander along a long corridor, at the end of which he saw buildings of unusual shapes. Then he was placed in a special car, which took on a shape specially created for his body. The aliens said that they use these structures to create physical bodies in which they are on Earth. And they also showed super-powerful devices that affect people’s consciousness.

After the miraculous return of Alec (he did not understand how this happened), the secret services became interested in his story. Newald has now become a test subject on his home planet. The officials were primarily interested in the technology of the alien race.

Coevolution: The True Story of One Man Taken for Ten Days to an Extraterrestrial Civilization

But the more the humanoid prisoner remembered his journey and talked about it, the more unbearable it became for him to live. Relatives and friends treated his stories with irony and distrust, and some even considered him crazy.

“I was ostracized by people you might expect support from. In fact, even before I tried to share any of the things I learned, my life started to become more than difficult. It became impossible to continue as before,” said Alec Newald bitterly.

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