Family of ufologist came across a being half man, half snake in the interior of the Amazon

Rogério Gomes and his daughter told how their family came across a creature completely beyond their wildest imagination: a half-snake, half-man being, dancing and swirling in the sands behind their home, next to the river, in the municipality of Maués, in the Amazon. .

The Amazon is one of the most mysterious and enigmatic regions on the planet, occupies 58.9% of the national territory and covers the states of Amazonas, Acre, Rondônia, Roraima, Pará, Maranhão, Amapá, Tocantins and Mato Grosso, with 75% of this territory composed of forest area. The state of Amazonas is the seventh most populous in Brazil, with 4.3 million inhabitants, more than half of which live in the capital, Manaus, and the rest are spread across the other 61 municipalities, mostly in riverside regions. It was in one of these municipalities, Maués, 267 km from Manaus in a straight line, and 356 km by river, that the incident happened.

On January 31, 2022, Rogério and his daughter Romana performed on the program “Chat with Umaia Ismail”, at the premiere of the painting “OVNIs e Mistérios na Amazônia”, on YouTube, on the Umaia Ismail channel, and reported what saw nine years ago. Rogério began by talking about his UFO sightings, which began in his childhood in Manaus, including an occurrence in 1982, while fishing with his father. At the time, a cylindrical and metallic UFO hovered over the canoe and, when alerted by the son, the father quickly went to the bank, capsized the canoe and both hid under it.

The following day, Rogério heard on the radio news that two people had been attacked by an object with the same description as the one seen by them, in the state of Goiás, one of them having died. Then he spoke, together with his daughter Romana, and with confirmation from his wife, also present in the studio, about the night when the whole family witnessed the sighting of a mythical being. In 2013, Romana, then 17 years old, was talking to a friend in the kitchen of her house, while the family slept. When looking out the window overlooking the beach, she saw something that she thought was a sheet swaying under the strong wind that was present. However, when he looked more closely, he realized it was a man with poorly defined legs, wearing a flowing white outfit, dancing and twirling with his arms up. She also noticed something glistening in his chest.

It was 11:30 pm and she decided to call her sister to see the scene, but she didn’t wake up. So she called her parents, and when her father looked, the being had already gone further away, walking strangely. When she put on the binoculars, she noticed that the being danced with its hands raised, and it appeared to have rather undulating legs. When the creature turned on its side, Rogério noticed that it was much thinner than an ordinary man, and he could see that it was not a human being. What could it be? Rogério Gomes called his wife and decided to go there with their daughter to take a closer look at the creature. As they approached the being, they realized that its lower part looked like that of a snake, and the upper part had arms and a head similar to that of a cobra, from which a human face projected.

When the being noticed their presence, it grew quite tall, and prepared to strike. Rogério said that at that moment he asked for the intervention of extraterrestrial beings that he had already had the opportunity to read and meet, and according to his wife, who was looking out the window of the house, a kind of circle formed above the being, and pulled him, saving father and daughter of a possible confrontation.

At that very moment, all the unusual howling wind ceased immediately, and the waters of the river, which were agitated, became calm as a lake, showing that on our planet there is much more to be discovered than one can imagine.

Later, the being seen was associated with a Naga, from Buddhist mythology. The program is presented weekly by the ufologist and author of the book “Contacts Extraterrestrials in the Amazon”, Umaia Ismail, transmitted by her social networks and promises to bring ufological events and many other secrets that are hidden in the Amazon jungle.

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