Elena Danaan and Jean C. Moyen Visit Ancient Alien Space Ark Located in the Lake VOSTOK Region of Antarctica

The flagship Solaris spacecraft of the Solar Warden fleet on which Jean Charles Moyen served

ON JANUARY 21, 2022 – Jean Charles Moyen and Elena Danann go with the Galactic Federation Pleiadian, Thor Han Eredyon to experience a visit to the space ark located in the region of Lake Vostok, where Russia’s Vostok Antarctic Base is located. Jean Charles Moyen and Elena Danaan describe trips they both took to a Galactic Federation mothership called the Excelsior, and then to Lake Vostok in Antarctica with Thor Han.

Jean C. Moyen was a member of the French Secret Space Program who served aboard the Solaris spacecraft of the Solar Warden fleet. He became known as a whistleblower in February 2022.

Jean Charles Moyen and David Rousseau served as children and then as adults in a US secret French space program from 1981/1982. The two completed the ’20 and back’ programs, where they remember having met and made friends on the French-American command spacecraft Solaris of the Secret Space Program Solar Warden. Both discuss experiences they shared while working on the SSPs [Secret Space Programs].

This included his training with famed Nazi and occultist Maria Orsic, personnel from various Earth and extraterrestrial cultures on installations on the Solaris spacecraft and joint missions to Mars. The remarkable thing about these two French SSP witnesses that lends credibility to their testimonies is that, before they met on Earth, their separate testimonies were independently corroborated.

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Jean Charles Moyen and Elena Danaan describe their voyages to a Galactic Federation mothership called the Excelsior and then to Lake Vostok in Antarctica, taken by the Pleiadian Thor Han in a Galactic Federation ship where they witnessed an ancient alien space ark.

In Antarctica they witnessed and visited a space ark with giant blue-bodied alien beings “sleeping” in stasis chambers. Elena describes how she was tasked by the Galactic Federation with witnessing Jean Charles Moyen as he visited the ancient extraterrestrial ark of Lake Vostok in Antarctica.

Deep under 2 miles of ice the space ark is located beside Lake Vostok.

Quote from Elena Danaan’s book  THE SEEDERS: The Return Of The Gods.

“The memory of these events has been reconstructed by my testimony and Jean-Charles Moyen’s testimony together. Jean-Charles was a French super-soldier who was recruited for a “20 and back” secret space program in the Solar Warden Fleet. I met him through Dr. Michael Salla, and we became friends after realizing with amazement that the extraterrestrial mothership of the Galactic Federation he visited for leisure when he was on duty with the SSP Solar Warden, and which he christened “Excelsior”.

Cafeteria aboard the Galactic Federation’s Excelsior spacecraft where Jean Charles Moyen and Elena Danaan shared and collaborated by having their experience together inside the ship.

In fact it was the same Galactic Federation battle station where the Pleiadian Thor Han Eredyon lives and works in the service of the Galactic Federation. Jean-Charles and I compared identical memories of a particular cafeteria, located inside the ship, with extremely detailed descriptions of food replicators, bars with floating androids serving blue ionized drinks, the design of the station’s interiors, teleportation pads, etc…”

Revelations by Jean Charles Moyen:

Elena describes how she was tasked by the Galactic Federation with witnessing Jean Charles as he visited the ark on Lake Vostok. They then describe their respective journeys to a Hall of Records/ark under the Sphinx in Egypt’s Giza Complex.

Jean Charles then describes visiting space arks under Mount Kailash in Tibet and an ark off the coast of the Bahamas in the Bermuda Triangle. Elena also discusses the recent news that an interstellar object has crashed into the Pacific Ocean and that this is a spacecraft of positive extraterrestrials to awaken humanity to its existence.

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