Object Found at the Bottom of the Baltic Sea Sends Signals and Radiation

A few years ago a mysterious event was reported in various media: A strange object was found at the bottom of the Baltic Sea that continues to send signals and radiation to this day.

The anomaly was discovered in 2011 by divers from the ocean exploration company Ocean X, who captured images thanks to sonar between Sweden and Finland.

Mysterious Object at the Bottom of the Baltic Sea 

Image of the mysterious object captured by Ocean X divers. 

A strange structure lies more than 80 meters below the surface. Head of the investigation Peter Lindberg was the first to generate controversy by “joking” about the discovery, claiming that he had discovered a UFO because it was something he had never seen at the bottom of the sea during his 20-year career.

“We were gone for 9 days and we were very tired. driven on the way home but caused one last sonar probe and all of a sudden this thing showed up.” 

Ocean X is led by Dennis Osberg and specializes in seafloor analysis. Not only does it have a highly qualified professional team, it is also a company with advanced technology at its disposal, with which it has made great discoveries.

They were the first to capture a giant marine squid and study holes, recover the wreckage of the Airbus A330 that crashed to the bottom of the Atlantic, and test a prototype of the Orpheus deep-sea drone developed by the Woods Hole Institute and NASA.

In 2015 they were also the ones who discovered in Swedish territorial waters the remains of the Russian submarine “Som” sunk 100 years ago.

Ocean X claimed after its discovery that due to its strange structure the object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea had not been created naturally.

The Baltic Sea anomaly was detected by Ocean X explorers on the sea floor between Sweden and Finland. Credit: Google Maps 

Volker Brüchert, an associate professor of geology at Stockholm University, theorized that it could have arisen during the Ice Age thousands of years ago.

In an email, Brüchert said, “It’s good to hear critical voices about this Baltic Sea mystery. What the Ocean X team generously ignores is that most of the samples it has collected from the bottom of the sea are granites, gneisses and sandstones ».

Strange Anomalies 

Original sonar image during its discovery.

The envious company dove in to inspect the object up close, but lack of funds prevented them from doing so. A year later, when we managed to approach a boat, they picked up a strange electrical interference that seemed to emanate from the anomaly.

Stefan Hogerborn, member of Ocean X claimed that all electrical devices in the area, including the satellite phone, stopped working. They moved about 200 meters away and activated, but when they tried to continue the investigation they failed again.

Another strange event related to the object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea is that approximately one month after investigating it the entire crew began to suffer from intense coexistence and fever. How to get into a giant microwave.

There are many other anomalous objects at the bottom of that oceanic region, however, someone ordered the mission to stop for no apparent reason.

In fact, an official lock has been applied so that ordinary divers cannot dive there. Furthermore, the investigators involved declined to answer further questions about the structure, the electromagnetic radiation in the area, or the signals it is sending.

The object will likely remain a mystery until further exploration is allowed. Hopefully technological advances will allow more research to study it in more detail and finally discover its origin. source 

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