Strange “300-kilometer unidentified metallic object” found under Antarctic ice

Antarctica has long been steeped in mystery and secrecy, from harboring the fabled entrance to the hollow Earth to being part of a “barrier” that would delimit the supposedly flat Earth.

All of its mysteries are now buried under the ice, but signs are beginning to emerge that have astonished geologists, archaeologists, scientists, popularizers and even global leaders.

Professor Ralph Von Frese led a study team that identified a large crater in 2006. It was surrounded by an enigmatic thick mass that extended for approximately 300 kilometers.

Scientists think that behind miles of ice in Antarctica lies the remains of a huge asteroid.

At the same time, it’s still a mystery how Earth managed to survive the impact of such a massive object.

Other experts think that there is a space body in Antarctica, but that there is no way to recover it and start examining it at this time. A large-scale expedition requires a significant amount of resources.

The cost of the expedition will be equivalent to the cost of a human trip to Mars.

While scientists wait for additional information about the enigmatic item, conspiracy theorists have their own hypotheses.

Many people think that a large extraterrestrial spacecraft crashed into Earth here. Others, on the other hand, think that aliens built a base there.

Antarctica is a frozen “time capsule” that stores traces of life lost long before humans as we know them today, according to those familiar with its properties.

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