Renowned Psychic Uri Geller Believes a Massive Alien Attack Will Happen Soon

Uri Geller spoke about what he believes to be a massive Martian invasion. This famous psychic insisted that planet Earth is preparing for this unusual occurrence.

Geller warned the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA to prepare for the giant alien invasion of the planet, according to the report published on

He didn’t mention a specific date when the extraterrestrial creatures would arrive, except that he said the event would happen in the near future.

Furthermore, the paranormal expert said that he came across an argument between what he called the “superior beings” from space.

He noted that the huge source of energy that astronomers found at a distance of 4,000 light years is likely a message from the strange creatures of outer space.

Geller took to Instagram to express his belief that aliens are, in fact, already heading towards Earth.

The enthusiastic medium proclaimed that a radio wave mapping team in the universe had found a peculiar object releasing vast energy three times an hour, which is different from what astronomy experts had witnessed in the past.

Geller pointed out that he undoubtedly believes the event is linked to alien intelligence far superior to that of humans.

He recommended that NASA scientists begin deciphering messages from the aliens he described as preparing humans for a mass landing on Earth not far from today.

Meanwhile, astronomers reported that they had never encountered anything like the unusual phenomenon in the past.

They noted that they believed such an object could be a white dwarf with a super strong magnetic field, magnetar or neutron star.

Uri Geller believes that a huge alien raid will happen in the future. He emphasizes on how communication with aliens is the next step and that it is the only way to save Earth.

“The main thing you see on TV and when you go to the movies would be totally different from what is actually happening.”

He also gives some advice on how we can prepare for a possible alien invasion.

Uri Geller, an Israeli paranormalist claims to have a psychic connection to extraterrestrials and was investigated by the FBI for his claims of paranormal abilities. He believes that aliens will soon invade Earth and we must prepare for this event by communicating with them telepathically to avoid misunderstandings.

“All these extraterrestrials are now coming down to make sure the planet is ready for them,” Geller told RT.

He doesn’t believe it will happen anytime soon, but says it’s inevitable.

“All I know is this is going to happen,” he said. “It’s only a matter of time.”:

Uri Geller is a popular medium who has made a few appearances in the entertainment industry. In his most recent appearance, he used his powers of foresight to tell the world that aliens are coming and that we must be prepared.

This statement by Geller is supported by David Icke, another psychical researcher. He claims that there will be a massive alien attack on Earth in 2019.

Comparing Geller’s prediction with Icke’s, we find that they are both saying different things about what will happen; but they agree on one thing – it will happen.

Dr. Natasha Hurley-Walker seemed to agree with Geller. This astrophysicist from Australia’s Curtin University pointed out that the mysterious object in question materialized and disappeared for several hours during his group’s observation.

Hurley-Walker said such a strange instance was frightening to an astronomer, as there is nothing known in the sky today performing such actions. The astrophysicist claimed that the unusual object was actually quite close to planet Earth, which is approximately 4,000 light years away, and she cited it as being in this planet’s galactic backyard.

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