Earth is actually the dumping ground for the most violent extraterrestrial creatures

doctor Ellis Silver has published his new book: “Humans are not from Earth: A Scientific Evaluation of the Evidence”. In this book, he claims that our planet is the dumping ground for the most violent extraterrestrial creatures in the entire universe.

When we think of extraterrestrials, we often envision advanced beings with superior intelligence and knowledge. However, these creatures are not always benevolent.

They are just as likely to be violent and destructive as they are to be peaceful. In fact, Earth is actually the dumping ground for the most violent extraterrestrial creatures.

Some of these terrifying extraterrestrials include asteroids, meteors and stars that have been at cosmic war since the Big Bang. These objects can destroy life on Earth when they collide with our planet’s surface at incredible speeds. Furthermore, there are countless dangerous species of alien microbes that may one day evolve into intelligent beings with their own agendas – just like us!

There’s still a lot humans don’t know about what lurks in the dark corners of our planet.

Some of these animals are not only violent, but they are also capable of traveling from one world to another. It is known that Earth animals have been found on the Moon and on Mars and vice versa. So these animals are ‘passing from one world to another. .”And the animals on this planet?”

He also claimed to have discovered why we have not made contact with alien races. He spoke on the subject and discussed the need for treaties before constant interplanetary communications and interactions.

He claims that Earth was banished by ancient and technologically advanced alien races for being too violent. And after a brief look at our history, this theory is believable.

He discussed how our most distant ancestors were a race of ultra-violent aliens who were punished by more powerful alien races. He claims that we are cursed to remain on Earth for the rest of our lives because of our propensity to endanger others.

In his book, he wrote about how we were “designed”. We are constantly exposed to sunlight, an almost infinite source of energy needed to sustain life. But being exposed to the sun for a long time damages our skin. We can’t even look directly at the sun, try as we might.

Unlike us, the original inhabitants of the planet thrive under the sun. Birds and mammals do not need the same type of protection we do from solar radiation. The plants on Earth die when they’re not exposed to the sun enough. So why does the sun harm us?

It’s simple. We are not originally from this world. The violent extraterrestrials mentioned in the title were our ancestors. And we also inherited the weakness they have.

The allegations of Dr. Ellis Silver become even more believable with the discovery of aliens supposedly housed in Area 51 with unique eyelids. This proves that we are more closely related to these extraterrestrials than to Earth creatures.

If that were true, we can only imagine what the aliens who banished us to Earth would do if they noticed our technology now. And if it gets even better, will they intervene to stop us traveling through space and discovering our true history?

What if this has happened before? Do you think this is also the reason why the highly advanced civilization of Atlantis disappeared without a trace?

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