Disturbing “Extraterrestrial Sound” Recorded in the Mariana Trench

A group of researchers recorded a  disturbing sound in the Mariana Trench,  considered the deepest place in the  earth’s crust.

After a detailed analysis of the record, the scientific team published a report on the possible origin of this marine noise.

In this study, the scientists assured, almost with total certainty, that the strange noise recorded in the trench at more than 11,000 meters deep, is a sound of biological origin and probably emitted by a species of whale never observed before.

The analysis guarantees that the frequency of the sound that oscillates between 38 and 8,000 hertz does not have anthropic origin, that is, the result of human activities.

Therefore, the researchers rule out that a ship or a seismic survey could have caused this marine noise. According to the researchers, everything indicates that it is a biological source:

“They don’t resemble geological sources, like the low-frequency sounds produced by earthquakes or ice breaking, nor those produced by wind or rain.”

“We believe that these complex sounds were produced by a  biological source” , say the study authors.

The study determines that this same sound was also recorded on several occasions between the months of autumn 2014 and spring 2015 in the same area. Stars’.

This sound, very similar to what was recorded recently, was made by a minke whale. That’s why the group of researchers ensured that the recorded sound could have been emitted by a subspecies related to the minke whale.

However at the moment it is not known what or who is behind

of that marine sound. Is it then the call of a whale, a species known for its strange song?

In the video below you can hear the recording of the strange sound that although it has been defined as “biological” has a metallic quality which makes many researchers continue to speculate about its origin.

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