Ancient Texts Claim Earth Was Ruled for 241,000 Years by 8 Heavenly Kings

Over the years, new truths were discovered in ancient Mesopotamia. The Sumerian King List, believed to be a single manuscript, reveals the secret of the world. These ancient texts detail that eight kings of heaven ruled the Earth for 241,000 years.

The Sumerian King List tells an incredible story that is hard to believe. These eight kings lived a total of 241,000 years, and their rule is what made Mesopotamia one of the most important civilizations in Earth’s history.

After royalty descended from heaven, they built their kingdom in Eridug. Here, Alulim became the king and ruled for 28,800 years. Next came Alaljar; he ruled for 36,000 years. Together, the first kings lived and ruled their kingdom for 64,800 years of plenty.

Five more cities saw the rule of these heavenly kings. Altogether, these eight kings ruled these cities and led them through different times. However, a flood swept in and ended his reign.

But how did they live for so long? Experts believe there is no plausible way for a single person to live that long. And their reigns may have been dynasties rather than one-person rulers. However, this does not consider that they descended from heaven.

The 8 Heavenly Kings of ancient texts are a group of gods who ruled the earth for 241,000 years. It is unclear where these stories originated. Some speculate that they were created to give humans a sense of their place in the divine order and to discourage them from thinking they had the right to divide the land as they wished.

We’re not sure if there’s any truth to this story or who, if anyone, may have been responsible for its creation.

The Ancient Texts are an ancient Chinese text that has been passed down through generations. They tell the story of 8 ancient kings who ruled the Earth and made it prosper.

These texts are believed to be a mix between historical records and legends. For example, the last king in this account is named Yan Di (also known as Yan Wang) – which is actually one of the earliest myths about Emperor Yu from the Book of Documents (also known as Shu Jing).

The Ancient Texts tell us that each king ruled for a period of 10,000 years before transferring power to his descendants or successors. The final rule was of King Yan Di for 241,000 years. And during that time all of humanity enjoyed peace and prosperity with no disasters or wars occurring anywhere on Earth.

In ancient China, there were many strange practices and beliefs like “wu-di” (/wu-ti/, 五帝), “wudi” (吾帝), “tiandi” (天帝), “yadi” (夷狄), and so on. on. The texts say that these heavenly kings who ruled the Earth for over 240,000 years each had their own territory and special characteristics: some were benevolent and good, some were cunning and evil.

They started to think about how these 8 gods became rulers of the earth since they lived not so long ago. The text also describes how Yao became a ruler of Earth in his later years after he passed

The list also details how these heavenly kings came to an end during the great flood that swept over their kingdoms and the world. Yet just as suddenly as these kings took their leave, another reign descended from heaven.’ These mysterious new kings took what was left of ancient civilizations and ruled over man once more.

Many scholars believe that this is nothing more than mythology, but some authors and researchers disagree. These believers think that the level of detail in these ancient texts makes the Sumerian king list a real historical reference worth investigating. As more evidence is uncovered, hopes are rising that we will understand more about our world’s history.

What if the reports detailed in this ancient list are true? What if eight heavenly kings once ruled us for hundreds of thousands of years? What if they’re just waiting for the opportunity to return and guide humanity to heights we’ve never seen before?

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