In Bolivia, residents claim to have found the remains of an “alien”

Some images provided by a Bolivian researcher have gone viral along with the testimonies of residents in which the discovery of the supposed corpse of an alien very similar to a “grey” but with a much smaller size is reported.
Surprise and shock arose among residents of the city of Huarina, located in the province of Omasuyos, west of the department of La Paz, in Bolivia, who claimed to have found the corpse of an alien.

The news spread so much on social media that an investigator of the  UFO phenomenon  came to that region to find out more about what happened.

The inhabitants of Huarina guarantee that they have found an alien corpse.

Juan Carlos Aliaga, dedicated to studying this type of phenomenon, arrived at the site and gave some statements:

“I received some pictures of what was found. This being seems to be curled up, but they are little bones and they tell me that the residents know that”.

There have also been UFO sightings.

The strangest thing is that days before, the inhabitants managed to record alleged alien ships and commented that they had also seen small shadows in their streets, which they compare to  “ goblins ”.
Representative image of the Goblin.

Representative image of the Goblin.

Some residents commented on this:

“There are miniature beings, those little people who appear to children.”

In statements, one of the investigators who came to investigate more about the case, said:

“There was no way to investigate further, but it will note that if that creature died, perhaps a small burial of these beings will be found.”

Meanwhile, the city authorities have said nothing about it, although they do not believe in beings from space, they say that if anyone knows the whereabouts of the alien’s body, let him know.

But many of its inhabitants, after this experience, believe in the existence of life on other planets; as  reported by Telemundo , since the incident, many of the residents of the place fear going down the street, as they believe that more beings may appear in those places.

Another incident that may be related

The alleged alien found in Huarina, Bolivia.

The alleged alien found in Huarina, Bolivia.

As reported by , paranormal investigator John Uribe has revealed that he has received in recent weeks reports of alleged  “alien” activity  at various points in  Sopocachi , in the highlands of La Paz.

The first complaint was registered in Praça Abaroa, shortly before noon. Some youths captured an unidentified object flying over  La Paz .

The researcher guarantees that the shape of the object was what caught his attention to consider the material as a possible investigation.

Could the two facts be related?

In the following video you can see more of the alleged remains of an extraterrestrial found in  Huarina :


It is important to note that the images that were released show a very small object and that is classified as an alleged  “alien” .

It must be said that the size of the possible entity can be estimated between 10 to 15 cm, in addition, there are no apparent biological characteristics that suggest a  “being” ; and instead her appearance is more like a doll or a toy.

And you dear reader, do you think it could be a biological creature of extraterrestrial origin, or simply a doll?

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