“Third Reich Astronauts” Traveled Back in Time: From 1943 to 1990

World War II is the most terrible event in human history. However, it should be noted that it was the powder box that largely served the technical breakthrough of the 20th century.

No matter how disgusted we are with all the crimes, the desire to become the first in various industries has noticeably accelerated development, including the space industry.

Few people know this, but former Nazi experts helped the US to develop space science and military development. The Third Reich’s secret projects were on the verge of science fiction.

Already in 1939, the first manned flight of a spacecraft based on the V-2 was made. However, the first tests failed. The device exploded upon launch.

Three months later, they tried again. This time, the rocket managed to reach a height of 45 kilometers, from which two pilots jumped out with parachutes.
A similar operation was performed 3 more times in 1940 and 1941, and each time was successful! The pilots parachuted back in, and finally, in 1943, the Nazis’ biggest secret attempt was made.

According to the chronicles extracted from the SD’s secret archives, the testimony is unequivocal: following personal instructions from Adolf Hitler, three of the best Luftwaffe pilots were carefully selected for space flights.

The training took place in absolute secrecy for about a year, with the participation of the best specialists from Germany and Europe.

There is also evidence that before the launch of the rocket into space, a welcome telegram from Hitler arrived at the Peenemünde base, in which he expressed his gratitude to the three pilots who were willing to sacrifice themselves in the name of the glory of the Third Reich.

A two-stage rocket designed for these three pilots was built at the underground Mittelwerk rocket factory. Its launch was scheduled for 1944, but due to the turn of the war, the deadline was reduced considerably.

Despite this, three military officers, Holz Sigmar, Heinrich Voll and Schultz Feinberg, made a successful flight in the first man-made spacecraft.

It would not be possible to believe this if it were not for the documents obtained. In 1944, near the Mittelwerk factory, Soviet troops captured and further exploited a strategic installation.

The fact is that, in addition to the construction of spacecraft, this factory was engaged in the creation of an atomic bomb and V-shaped projectiles. In the mid-1970s, the documents obtained were declassified.

It turns out that in addition to the space program to put people into orbit, the construction of an orbital weapon was planned, which would be a focusable mirror. Its task was to concentrate solar energy for the subsequent burning of entire cities.

The designs for this weapon are still just designs, to make such weapons destined to threaten the existence of mankind a reality. Bursts of energy from the Sun, concentrated into a beam of energy, can pierce our planet, violating the integrity of the Earth’s mantle.

But the most amazing thing about this story is that all three astronauts survived! However, they returned to Earth after 47 years!

In 1990, in the Atlantic Ocean, an American destroyer noticed an unusual object on the surface of the water. Inside the capsule, there were three people in strange suits, vaguely resembling scuba diving equipment with several layers of aluminum foil and thermal insulation.

While on dry land, all three crew members came to. They were immediately sent to a special center for the study of near-Earth space, where they underwent a thorough check.

It turned out that all three astronauts were healthy and feeling fine. Of course, for them, returning to Earth came as a shock, especially when they found out that they had been launched into space nearly half a century ago. This can only be compared to the “resurrection of the dead”.

They were Germans, but they didn’t have any documents with them. On the capsule itself was a faded image of the Luftwaffe coat of arms. Although at first the Germans were reluctant to answer all questions, in the end they were forced to speak.

Holtz Sigmar and Heinrich Voll stated that after entering Earth orbit, a collapse occurred and the compartment with Schultz Fenberg was depressurized. His own capsule was autonomous, but due to a control failure, he was in a state of loss of control.

They woke up when they heard a loud ringing in their ears. A green flash appeared before his eyes, which turned into a tunnel, and the capsule with the astronauts was literally sucked inside.

After flying for several minutes, they found themselves in the middle of a desert landscape. The sand was orange-red, there were two suns in the sky. They didn’t remember anything else.

How the German pilots ended up on Earth and why they haven’t aged after 47 years in space is a mystery. The most surprising thing is that, according to the documents, three people with those names were on the Luftwaffe list and all three “died during a secret mission”.

But the incredible curiosities do not stop there. The sailors of the American destroyer, who discovered the German astronauts in the vastness of the ocean, found neither water nor food in their space capsule! So we can only guess what they ate for 47 years!

After returning to Earth, astronauts began to age rapidly. Already in the year 2000 only Heinrich Voll survived. He was repeatedly put into a state of regressive hypnosis, where he repeated his story in detail. No other information was found, as if nothing had happened to him before and after the flight.

In 2004, he also left. At the time of his arrival in 1990, he looked like he did in 1943: a 36-year-old racing driver in the prime of his life. He died old, his body aged half a century during his 10 years in the United States.

This whole story is saturated with mysticism. Astronauts from other countries had no precedent with similar movements in space and time. Where did the Germans go? How did they manage to survive?

According to American reports, the German capsule failed to protect the pilots from cosmic radiation, and it is generally doubtful that this development was launched into orbit. But the strange signs, accelerated aging and, in fact, the emergence of a device based on the V-2 with the Luftwaffe coat of arms in 1990 cannot be attributed to counterfeiting.

As it becomes clear, the question of what their mission was is becoming more and more important and relevant, because the question of where the capsule was with the Nazi astronauts for all these long years and why it seemed that they were sent into space only a day before being played.

In the event that (say for a minute) the capsule is in near-Earth orbit and the Nazi astronauts are in suspended animation, could they really be in suspended animation?

It is known that “Annenerbe” carried out large-scale work in this direction. Experiments were performed on prisoners and several different methods were tried simultaneously. What has actually been achieved is that these data are now being carefully hidden by all states of the world, into whose hands at least some material about them has fallen.

It goes without saying that experiments that can be considered immersion experiments in a state of suspended animation were performed in ancient Egypt and practiced by Tibetan lamas.

According to researchers, the secret orders, in particular, the brothers of the Rose and the Cross, had considerable success in this regard. As per lore, both can enter and exit suspended animation at will! Who knows, maybe one of the Rosicrucian recipes ended up in Annenerbe’s hands.

So there are a lot of unexplained mysteries. The first is the very fact that the Third Reich launched astronauts:

“It’s unbelievable,” said Robert J. Huxley, one of NASA’s top experts, “we couldn’t even imagine something like this. The very fact that the Nazis had space technology during the war already turns all our ideas upside down, but the 47-year flight must be considered a true miracle!

Then the problem of the survival of these three incredible astronauts. We were talking about it. The problem of suspended animation, the problem of the “disappearance” of the capsule from our coordinates. Therefore, the words of the NASA specialist are understandable: “We still have no explanation for what happened, we received a thousand questions and practically no answers”.
And this is what Discovery magazine wrote about it:

“In America, as you know, there are almost no secrets, especially from the insolent press, which, if necessary, can penetrate anyone and anywhere. When a rumor spread that German astronauts, in fact fascists, were under surveillance and blockades by NASA, a whole wave of reporters and cameramen moved there. But they were disappointed: apart from a brief official statement, NASA leadership did not give any information. Reporters were not allowed to enter the Center’s territory.”
By the way, there is a rather convincing version that Wernher von Braun knew about the launch of three astronauts, but never told anyone about it!

Who knows, maybe something like a “sting” in spacetime also happened in this case. Therefore, the three Nazi astronauts have information that is simply impossible to assess! But it may well turn out that they do not have any information at all, because everything that happened to them, so to speak, passed beyond their consciousness.

Of course, these three Nazi astronauts could never have been launched from the test sites of the Third Reich and become part of “our” world!

It could be news from another world, another Third Reich! Who knows how the subsequent development of events took place there? And Wernher von Braun, therefore, simply did not know anything!

But let’s leave the development of this theme (the theme of the parallel Third Reich) to science fiction. Let’s take a look at some more possibilities.

For example, that the three Nazi astronauts were actually launched into space to make contact with “aliens”. Is this possibility completely ruled out?

Given the connection of the Third Reich with the Mahatmas, this possibility is not excluded either. But the space-time “gap” factor, which was not foreseen at launch, may serve as an entirely different scenario. Not what it should be, according to the mysterious “Hitler mission”.

It is impossible not to think about the fact that the Luftwaffe astronauts picked up in the waters of the Atlantic actually have nothing to do with the Third Reich, although they themselves may not know about it! How is this possible?

As an example, German astronauts who were launched half a century ago from Peenemünde were soon “intercepted” by “aliens”.

And then, from the study of their organisms, replicas were synthesized, like two drops of water similar to them, which, after 47 years, appeared before the eyes of the astonished American sailors of the destroyer.

There isn’t a word about it in Discovery, but there is this sentence:

“We were only able to learn from one of the specialists (referring to NASA) that the study of the German spacecraft and the survey of its crew can give extremely important results for the future development of this area. in America, even all over the world.”
It goes without saying that it is possible to combine a real Third Reich spaceship with real Nazi astronaut dolls.

Therefore, the history of space exploration by the people of Earth includes many secrets! Their number is not decreasing, but growing. Now this one is included in your list: the secret of the astronauts of the Third Reich!

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