Magical Creatures: Creatures born in strange ways, which science has yet to explain

Science has made many interesting discoveries, but some things it is not able to explain. For example, what you will see in this story.

We collected in a video materials about the ten most inexplicable creatures on Earth.
Frank and Louis, two names and two faces, whatever else they have in common. This cat lived the longest. Usually, with these mutations, animals don’t live very long.
Kozlik was born with eight legs, by the way, being a hermaphrodite…

Well, it’s still possible to somehow understand a mutation and the like, but what about the chicken you decided to eat by cutting off its head? She did not die, leaving the owners without dinner, and she lived without her own head for a year and a half !!! As she had no head and couldn’t eat on her own, the owners came up with a way – they fed her through a pipette, with liquid nutrition. This chicken was a real sensation and made its owners famous, as they showed it all over the country.
And what about the frog, which has three heads and six legs? Even this is in our land.

Well, a duckling with four legs, also an unusual animal. This duckling lived a long life and became a star. He helped scientists to study genetic mutations.

And India, where cows are sacred animals, surprised us with its own example. A cow with five legs was born! Imagine for a second, if you saw a man with three legs, would you be surprised? Clear. Therefore, the relatives who saw her probably felt the same way. In addition, due to the fact that in India they treat cows in a special way, their fate has become the maximum that does not eat holy. Everyone who could come and pray for her.

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