VIDEO: The book of an alien race was exposed

There are several known alien races currently operating on Earth and in the human population. In a 1998 interview, Clifford Stone, a retired US Army Sergeant who served in the Army for 22 years and participated in covert operations, which were supposed to win crashed extraterrestrial craft and extraterrestrial biological entities (EBE) revealed that there are at least 55 alien races , which they are known to the US government.

Due to their knowledge of extraterrestrial races, some are more active than others in interacting with people and can be said to have great significance for human evolution and sovereignty. A significant number of reports and testimonies involve different extraterrestrial races, from which it is concluded that the motives and actions of these races vary considerably, and a closer examination of these reports and statements can discern their intentions.

The most damning testimony about different extraterrestrial races comes from “confidential sources” such as Sergeant Stone, who for a long time served in the military and / or corporations who participated in ‘black projects’ and the ‘contactees’ who had direct physical contact with extraterrestrials and communicated with them.

This applies both to ‘contactees’ in the classical sense who willingly engage in interaction with extraterrestrial races and to ‘abductees’ who have been unwittingly incorporated into extraterrestrial programs. First, I will report on those people who are the main sources of information for various alien races and generally operating in the country, then I will try to specify the description of the motivations and activities of these races using the available sources.

Russian Secret Book: Archive Video of Extraterrestrial Beings


The SMERSH counterintelligence service was built by the Red Army at the end of 1942 or maybe even earlier, but officially founded on April 14, 1943. This SMERSH was invented by Josef Stalin. On January 13, 1947, he was given a small book containing a description of the main extraterrestrial agents of SMERSH. This book described eight types of aliens and contained drawings and illustrations of beings and UFOs.

Over the years, the book has been replenished, photographs of UFOs have been added, as well as photographs and abducted witnesses (especially children), but also statistics. And much more! In the 1980s, he found a copy of this book in the field in Buryatia (Eastern Siberia). This copy of the book ended up in the hands of the KGB agent who had friends in the media. After the collapse of the USSR, only one (!) Of information and drawings was leaked.

A few years later, some of the leaked information served as inspiration for the creation of several different video games. The most famous is Mass Effect – a game developed by the Canadian company BioWare. BioWare company was founded in 1995 by two doctors – MUZYKA and ZEŠČUK with Russian connections. All this helped to discredit the real books, but this book is “not dead” among top Russian security officials. This book still exists, it is used and supplemented by the Russian call. “Special services”. The book is called “alien races”.

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