Evidence of Bigfoot? Humanoid mass grave with 40-foot skeleton found

In the US state of Louisiana, researchers made a bizarre discovery – a mass grave with the remains of huge humanoid creatures.

Specialists from the Smithsonian Institute are already studying the unusual burial, and in parallel, conspiracy theorists are creating theories related to Bigfoot.

According to  the Daily Star  , this mass grave has attracted a lot of attention from locals because of the size of the humanoid creatures buried in it – they are 12 feet tall.

This significantly exceeds not only the average numbers of people across the planet, but even the dimensions of the tallest person recorded in history named Robert Wadlow, who was 8.9 feet tall.

It is still unclear whose remains were found in the grave. While the scientists won’t comment on the find, fans of conspiracy theories say they belong to the giants that inhabited modern Louisiana in ancient times.

The article stated that “several dozens, at least, of the skeletons” were found and that they “are in various positions”.

It continued: “It is believed that they were killed in a prehistoric struggle and that the bodies remained where they fell until covered by alluvial deposits due to the flooding of the Mississippi River.

“So far there has been no scientific examination of the bones, but a number of them have been brought here and there appears to be little doubt about the accuracy of the measurements.”

But even Bigfoot believers doubted where the bones came from, or where they currently lay.

Taking to Reddit, a Bigfoot believer but skeptic of history museums said: “Let me guess, the Smithsonian swooped in to save the day and do extensive studies on what are regularly reported as giant humanoids. Never to be seen again.”

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