Werewolf? Strange Creature Haunts Itaparica Island in Bahia

Residents of the  paradisiacal Ilha de Itaparica , in Bahia, have an extra reason to follow the Corona quarantine and stay indoors: a  strange  , horrifying creature  that seems to haunt the region!

The rumors started (of course!) on the social networks of the residents of the municipality, with some photos that show a  strange creature  that no one could identify walking through the empty streets of the Ilha da Misericórdia neighborhood.

Theories quickly appeared about a  werewolf ,  chupacabra  and even an “ ape man ”. And according to some residents of the region, “no other subject is mentioned on Zap and Face”.

Obviously (as coincidentally always happens in these cases) the images are of low quality, so it is not possible to identify the creature.

But some residents already suspect that it could be some kind of joke or “prank” by a resident with a lot of free time and a lot of imagination.

Authorities consulted by the local press say they have no information about any incident involving such a creature. According to them, until now, everything is just speculation on the part of the residents.

Some people also stated that the  creature’s photos  are not found in any internet image search, that is: the images were probably taken in that same region.

And some experts believe that the images have not been edited, which suggests that the unidentified creature is just some costumed resident.

However, other people found a detail in the photo strange: a sign that appears to be written in Arabic, although it is not possible to confirm the spelling. This may indicate that the photo was of international origin.

Either way, this mystery may never be solved, being just another chapter of those stories and  conspiracy theories  that become part of local folklore.

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