They threaten archaeologists who discovered ancient giant skeletons: “You are playing a very dangerous game”

Giants, according to lore, were creatures so large that they made the Earth tremble when they walked.

In the 1940s, archaeologists in Argedava, Romania, supervised an excavation in search of precious artifacts belonging to the Dacian commander Burebista. Ionita Florea, now an elderly man, accompanied the archaeologists. It was he who removed a huge skull, three or four times the size of ours.

Romanians discovered huge gold bracelets.

When he informed archaeologists of his find, he was fired shortly thereafter, and researchers began investigating the site. More than 80 huge skeletons were discovered by the time the excavation was completed. Nobody really knows where the skeletons are now. In fact, when the residents of Scaieni tried to establish an apple orchard, they discovered an ancient burial ground for giants.

In 2009, a local television station began investigating the Bucegi Mountains.

Shortly afterwards, the lead investigation report received a phone call from an anonymous individual threatening the journalist with dire consequences if they continued, or else something horrible would happen to them.

The unidentified man hung up after saying they were playing a very dangerous game. Nobody knows what really happened there or what the purpose of the investigation was, as journalists still refuse to talk about it.


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