“Aliens Visit Our Planet Since 1947”, Confirm FBI Documents

A few years ago, an FBI paper was released, revealing the presence of extraterrestrial (multidimensional) entities, or beings from another world.

The FBI decided to use this declassified paper to indirectly alert us to alien presences that would be able to manifest with their spaceships due to sophisticated technologies such as the ability to open dimensional portals.

The documentation released in 2015 is incredible and surprising in many ways. The FBI sends a letter to scientists and military officials in the form of a memo: this alien species that has been visiting our world since 1947 is a gigantic race from another space-time dimension!

For the record, the year corresponds to the famous events at Roswell, New Mexico, where a suspicious spacecraft crashed in 1947.

Many UFO researchers and former US officials who saw the Roswell UFO Crash Case believe that extraterrestrial entities flying around the worlds were attracted by the explosions of the atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Other alien races from other planets were also drawn into the atomic splits.

Now we bring you some key points from the FBI memo in depth: Flying saucers could pose a danger to Earthlings at any time, and if one of them attacked us, we would almost certainly be wiped out. In earthlings, this can trigger panic and alien distrust. We have a lot of information about these alien “boats”, and considering its incomprehensibility, it needs to be made public.

1. One part of the spacecraft seen had passengers inside, while another part was remotely operated (remotely controlled).

2. As the project is peaceful, tourists are likely to choose to stay on land.

3. The race in question, known as “visitors”, is huge in size but has human characteristics.

4. They are extraterrestrials that came from another planet.

5. They are from an “Ethereal World” that we do not know, because they are not from Earth.

6. The vibrations with the thick matter of the Earth make the bodies and ships of the visitors manifest.

7. Its satellites have energy beams capable of disintegrating any aircraft and the ability to disappear without leaving a trace in our sight.

8. They do not originate in the astral plane which corresponds to Loka or Talas. These terms can be understood by the esoteric. In reality, the Loka-Talas are separate planes of consciousness, not physical or spiritual locations. A parallel dimensional plane is any plane of consciousness other than our own.

9. Visitors use a radar device to detect the location of openings (magnetic portals) that allow them to travel from one dimension to another. This material, provided by the FBI, is excellent and, most importantly, it is official, indicating that it is not news obtained from who knows where. A movement and perhaps a definitive opening to potentially unravel the mystery of the extraterrestrial presence.

These multidimensional beings have existed since antiquity and their existence goes back thousands of years. Many people believe that these beings are malicious. But for now, we only have human behavior to go on when it comes to hostility. Perhaps a certain mental and spiritual independence is enough to see the truth beyond what we are used to seeing.


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