Time traveler who went to the year 2749 reveals all

Alfred Bielek, also known as Edward Cameron, is one of the most important humans of our generation. He is known to have been part of the infamous Philadelphia Experiment, the Montauk Project, various time travel events, and to have had connections with extraterrestrial beings on a daily basis during the time he was active.

Many people choose to ignore the facts, but this man is telling the truth and that’s the bottom line.

He spoke very deeply about going to the year 2137 and spending 6 weeks there and also spending 2 full years in the period 2749-2750 where he saw where the world is going. This was during Project Montauk, which was conducted at Camp Hero or Montauk Air Force Station in Montauk, Long Island. This is where they tested psychological warfare and time travel techniques.

He remembers jumping off the USS Eldridge on August 13, 1943 during the Philadelphia Experiment, which caused him to suffer radiation injuries. On TV he saw only educational programs and news and also realized that the Earth had changed in every possible way. Geographically, the world was completely alien to him, the US and Canada were no longer nations, and water levels rose exponentially.

The Earth’s magnetic poles have completely shifted, which has caused a lot of problems for our system. We dropped from 7 billion people to 300 million in total. Check out the video below, it tells his whole story. We can’t go into detail because the article will be flagged and removed. VIDEO:

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