People across the world received postcards with bizarre symbols, a Roswell phone number and the caption “They’re Coming”.

Thousands of people across the US, Canada and Europe today received a strange postcard in the mail, according to my research. With a multitude of symbols and odd numbers, it says “They are coming”.

One of the numbers appears to be a phone number with an area code for Roswell, New Mexico. We were disconnected after 30 seconds of strange static, clicking, and hissing wind. Every time we turn it on, we hear the same sound.

After doing some digging, I found that people on Reddit are debating this topic quite seriously, with everyone offering their views.

According to one Reddit member,

“When I dialed the number today, I got a new recording. “There’s something strange going on,” says a voice now.

Is it possible that someone knows what this is?

There are several hypotheses.

Some people think governments are preparing us for alien revelation; however, I would remind you that they stated in June that they are going to declassify several files.

Others fear that governments are planning a false flag, a fictional alien invasion, to scare people into uniting. The global reset is a large-scale initiative.

However, others think it’s just a marketing ploy. Why would I tell tens of thousands of people across two continents that a store or whatever is about to open without even disclosing the name or location? What is the problem?

Check out the video below, which also includes the audio from the conference call.


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