FORMER US GENERAL: There are structures below the surface of Mars that Voyager cannot see

It’s time for the world to stop talking about the   UFO phenomenon   as an isolated event, humanity has made the greatest revelations in Earth’s history, and every day more information can be obtained about beings from another planet. The good news is that the truth is slowly being spread by the world’s governments, militaries and people of high political position, which suggests that we must be attentive to this worrying situation.
This Is What’s Really On Mars, According To Former General Albert Stublebine

Is there real evidence that the UFO phenomenon exists?

Of course, yes, from the Apollo mission to the International Space Station there is a lot of material that strongly defends the existence of beings from another world, and it is that, to sum up, there are images and videos that science still cannot explain.

To make matters worse, we have a prominent US military man named Albert Stublebine with a lot of information under his arm and even more eager to spill it all.

The most fascinating statements about Mars were made by General Stubblebine

The distinguished Major General, General Commander of the Intelligence Command, Security of the United States Army and Chief of Intelligence of the United States Army, declared that there are constructions on the surface of the planet Mars, assuring that they also found underground areas and machines on the surface., in his statement he assured:

“There are structures on the surface of Mars. I will say for the record that there are structures under the surface of Mars that cannot be seen by the cameras of the Voyager that passed in 1976. I will also say that there are machines on the surface of Mars and there are machines under the surface of Mars. that you can look at, you can find out in detail, you can see what they are, where they are, who they are and many details about them. “

We can conclude that the human being has not been able to explore the planet Earth in its entirety, in fact, until recently new species were found in the sea, which is less explored than outer space itself. , if we are still getting to know our planet,  how much do we need to know in outer space?

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