3 more black triangles are captured on ISS live feed cameras

These three UFOs are perfectly triangular in shape and I say perfectly triangular for good reason.
There are usually three UFO spheres that are at each corner of a UFO, which creates a triangular shape or even a pyramid shape.

Above, three black triangular UFOs were captured by the ISS live feed cameras. The date is unknown.

There are three of them, I took a screenshot of the UFO to highlight their shape, there are three of them flying very close to our International Space Station and there are astronauts on board.

Are these astronauts in danger or is there a risk of UFOs hitting the ISS because they seemed out of control to me? Would I hate to be the voice of reason only for something terrible to happen? It would be an “I told you so”, in fact, anyone and everyone who has ever mentioned that there are UFOs caught on the ISS live feed could all say “we told you so” and NASA wouldn’t bat an eyelid.

It would be covered up or not mentioned at all by NASA until a plausible excuse could be concocted. There’s a reason we’ve never heard of anything wrong at NASA, even though it’s a research and development facility!

This live feed triple black triangle UFO sighting from the ISS is absolutely incredible! Does this prove that extraterrestrials are using different types of spacecraft or does it prove that there is a secret space program using advanced spacecraft?
Lee Lewis UFO Researcher

Most things (advances in technology and science) have what are called “happy accidents” where the advances come from an accident. I can honestly say that I have never heard of any accidents at NASA! Have you ever heard of something wrong or things like that?

No wonder we don’t hear anything about UFOs.

Anyway, we see three UFOs entering the screen on the left side of the screen and the camera was rolling live, but because of the speed at which these amazingly shaped UFOs just fly across the screen, NASA “engineers” don’t have the time. to react or press the green square button that cuts the screen.

It’s not always working, so sometimes it cuts to a blue screen and sometimes it cuts to the famous “we are experiencing technical issues” screen. But either way, it’s the same desired result of not letting people see what’s happening in the feed.

There is evidence of a top secret space agency going back in history!
Lee Lewis UFO Researcher

I know for a fact that I have seen this same fleet of three triangular UFOs passing by the ISS before! “Or” is it a truly strange fluke that another trio of triangular UFOs fly past the ISS again?

There must be a cheap deal in the space warehouse selling black triangle spaceships? Buy one, get two free!

You might remember this screenshot from a few years ago?

You probably remember the screenshot of the three black triangles that was captured by the camera flying by the ISS about a decade ago?

In fact, here’s another image from the 1969 Apollo launch, when the space agency was rehearsing launch procedures and a black triangle can be seen among the clouds. Don’t forget it’s a “supposedly” because it’s a real NASA image, but is it a camera particle? The black triangular UFO is in a photo of a practice run to the moon landings:

A NASA photo from 1969 of training for the moon landing.

Here is the live video from NASA that captured the triple triangle UFO sighting flying by the ISS:

If you have any thoughts on this or have seen anything similar to this UFO sighting, please share it with us in the comments section below, cheers. Also, please don’t forget to share this post, thanks.

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