Bielek: The man who traveled back in time to the year 2137 reveals everything he saw 2 years from now

This video, an alleged Time Traveler, who spent 2 years in the future in 2137 and returned to the present, tells everything he saw.


Al Bielek is a man who tells a different story. According to Bielek, not only did he travel to the future, he managed to go back and tell the story of everything he knew.

Al Bielek analyzes everything he remembers from the 6 weeks that passed in the year 2137 and two years that passed in 1749. The story behind this man is fascinating and many claim that the stories Bielek spoke of are already happening or will occur in the future. From a new world order to devastating climate change sweeping the Earth, Bielek’s story deserves to be heard.

Among the many things Bielek mentions is the Montauk Project: an alleged series of secret US government projects where researchers have developed psychological warfare techniques and exotic research, including time travel.

He was taken to a hospital he had never seen before. Doctors used equipment that worked with light and vibration to restore their patients’ vitality at an extremely rapid rate.

In that year, he learned that humanity was actively fighting the severe climate changes that had been happening since the year 2025. By the year 2137, the planet was already altered beyond recognition.

The US state of Florida was completely underwater, the world’s ocean level had risen, while Georgia had become a coastal state.

The magnetic poles will start to shift, but humanity will manage to create artificial poles and avoid disasters related to a pole shift.

Bielek also says that there will be a Third World War. Along its course, America and Europe will wage war against Russia and China.

In 2020, US military documents will be declassified, which will reveal that the US government has been secretly working with an extraterrestrial civilization since 1954.

The planet will be managed by a giant computer, while all people live as a united nation.

Bielek concludes with the warning that no matter what we do, we cannot change the future. It is predetermined, both for the individual and for humanity as a whole.

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