Taking into account the disclosure of modern UAPs, the clear evidence shown below in the photos means that NASA has been aware of Tic Tac shaped UAPs for decades.

NASA certainly has a stack of unpublished, “not for the public eye” photos and reels of craft of unknown origin that were witnessed by Apollo astronauts, such as these:

I sometimes find evidence of extraterrestrial life on the Moon, Jupiter, space itself, and elsewhere. Stuff like this, for example, and it literally blows my mind! It’s like, why the hell is this obvious evidence of extraterrestrial life not in the mainstream media? And why was NASA put on the UAP study group? I don’t understand how or why anyone would say “I know, let’s ask NASA to investigate the UAP videos and the evidence surrounding the footage of the UFO sightings? I just don’t understand anything?

NASA astronauts “apparently took” the photos for this post, NASA is always taking tens of thousands of photos during every mission and every step of the way – of every mission they’ve ever taken.

But for astronauts to be credited for taking these UFO photos takes this conspiracy to a whole new level of seriousness. Indeed, are the implications serious for humanity, and if we are not being informed (generally), how are we prepared for any threat?

Each photo (above) has huge implications for humanity. Which direction do these implications go – is very important more than ever in 2022 because UAP disclosure must be responded to! It’s a valid question now because of what we know now.

Friend or enemy?

We just received the UAP disclosure which means that UAPs/UFOs are real and someone or something must have created the “e” of these craft if they didn’t use Earth to create them – so where is their “garage” for lack of a better word?

So while there will inevitably be people who would undoubtedly probably still laugh and scoff at the thought that aliens could appear en masse, here’s a question for them; who made the Tic Tac shaped UAPs? What form of life is behind the Nimitz meeting and the Theodore Roosevelt meeting?

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher

Upon completing any NASA mission (plural), past, present, and future, astronauts have literally been startled, taken aback, and shocked by things they cannot explain. Neither does NASA and it’s that thing that NASA wants us to believe is nothing.

That’s what they really want us to believe; That’s when Astronauts find something different in space that they can’t explain and they (NASA employees) want us to believe that they don’t do anything about it, or that it’s nothing serious. But that’s exactly why they’re in space – isn’t it? To solve riddles, discover the unknown, and solve anything humanity can learn.

So what goodies do I have in store for you today?

How about some of the most important NASA Apollo Moon photos that prove aliens were watching the Apollo crew. These UFOs were captured on film flying near the US command module, codenamed Eagle. Astronauts have said some surprising things since the end of the Apollo Moon missions. They were officially registered and stated that they were being watched by flying saucers from the side of the craters and this is just the beginning.

It’s a fact that NASA takes photos and videos during any aspect of the mission they are undertaking, especially the Apollo Moon mission and learns a lot from them, I’m talking about “everything they possibly can?”

In this   absolutely stunning UFO photo   coming from the Apollo 12 mission, Apollo Systems 12, reel number 50, negative number 7348. A mysterious but obvious Unidentified Flying Object was sighted by the Apollo astronauts while orbiting the moon.

Credit: NASA/Project Camelot/UFO Sightings Footage/Canva.

Mr. Dean went on to show the evidence collected by astronauts on the Apollo 13 mission. Dean, was taken when the Apollo 13 astronauts were traveling to the moon when a series of things started to happen. Some strange objects were appearing outside the spacecraft’s windows, so the Apollo 13 astronauts grabbed their Hasselblad cameras and started taking pictures of what they saw.

This photograph below shows three different objects.

The beginning of the space race was tense by any stretch of the imagination and it doesn’t take a genius to understand what was at stake during the space race. It was basically the USSR and the United States of America locked in a “cashless space race” for   complete and unconditional control of space  .

NASA launched the Apollo Moon missions and attracted the attention of the Grays. The alien beings (as they call themselves) were attracted by radio signals or TV signals or any number of different signals, and like any intelligent being, they came to take a look.

The Orbs that everyone keeps seeing (they are blooming everywhere) could be a sensor, a specific sensor that detects and alerts whenever a specifically interesting atom is detected in the atmosphere – say, nuclear atoms.

Yes, I am making the bold claim that the US forced the USSR into bankruptcy by making it respond to a fake space race. We haven’t gone back to the moon, have we, there’s nothing next gen like we should see with all the gadgets supposedly being invented.

Lee Lewis UFO Sightings Images

Whoever can see into each other’s backyard, so to speak, and launch a missile from space to the ground, any terrain anywhere in the world will be the winner.

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